Living in a world of biased search engines (Guest Editorial)

Lewandowski, D. (2015). Living in a world of biased search engines. Online Information Review, 39(3), 278–280.

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When looking at Internet usage, we see that searching is one of the dominant activities (Purcell et al., 2012), with more than 18 billion queries entered into the general-purpose search engines every month on desktops in the US alone (ComScore, 2015). We all search every day, and we predominantly use Google for that purpose. In many European countries Google has a market share of well over 90 per cent (ComScore, 2013), and even in “multi-search engine markets” such as the US there are only two real competitors, namely Google and Bing. While Yahoo is often regarded as a search engine, the company gave up their own search technology in 2009 and have been showing results provided by Bing since then.