Sebastian Schultheiß, M.A.

is a research assistant at the Department of Information at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. His research project focuses on the role of search engine optimization on the results of Web search engines (“SEO-Effekt“).

Sebastian received his M.A. degree in Information, Media, Library in 2019 and his B.A. degree in Library and Information Management in 2016 from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Before his studies he did an apprenticeship as a Specialist in Media and Information Services at the German National Library of Economics (ZBW).

Master of Arts (Information, Media, Library, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, 2019)
Bachelor of Arts (Library and Information Management, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, 2016)

HAW Hamburg, research assistant (2019 – today)

Functions + Committees: Member of the research committee of the faculty DMI (2019 – today)


Sebastian Schultheiß on ResearchGate

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Design, Media & Information
Department of Information
Finkenau 35
22081 Hamburg
Room 270
Phone +49.40.428 75-3642


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Schultheiß, S., & Lewandowski, D. (2020). How users’ knowledge of advertisements influences their viewing and selection behavior in search engines. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology.

Schultheiß, S., Linhart, A., Behnert, C., Rulik, I., & Lewandowski, D. (2020). Known-item searches and search tactics in library search systems: Results from four transaction log analysis studies. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 46(5), 102202.

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7 December 2019, Potsdam: Presentation of Master Thesis. SWiF – 10. Studenten-Workshop für informationswissenschaftliche Forschung.

30 May 2017, Frankfurt am Main: Project presentation of „Ok Google … The End of Search as we know it – Sprachgesteuerte Websuche im Test”. 106. Deutscher Bibliothekartag.

19 November 2016, Kiel: Presentation of Bachelor Thesis. SWiF – 7. Studenten-Workshop für informationswissenschaftliche Forschung.

30 September 2016, Klagenfurt: Project presentation of „Ok Google … The End of Search as we know it – Sprachgesteuerte Websuche im Test”. Informatik 2016 – 46. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik.