Web Searching: A Quality Measurement Perspective

Lewandowski, D., & Höchstötter, N. (2008). Web Searching: A Quality Measurement Perspective. In A. Spink & M. Zimmer (Hrsg.), Web Search: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (S. 309–340). Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer.

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The purpose of this paper is to describe various quality measures for search engines and to ask whether these are suitable. We especially focus on user needs and their use of Web search engines. The paper presents an extensive literature review and a first quality measurement model, as well. Findings include that Web search engine quality can not be measured by just retrieval effectiveness (the quality of the results), but should also consider index quality, the quality of the search features and Web search engine usability . For each of these sections, empirical results from studies conducted in the past, as well as from our own research are presented. These results have implications for the evaluation of Web search engines and for the development of better search systems that give the user the best possible search experience.