Student Assistants

SUMA-Kongress 2015 Vorbereitung

are a crucial part of the team. The responsibilities range from web design to event planning. However, brewing coffee and photocopying are also part of the job.

Daniela Sygulla, B.A.

is responsible for updating the website, supporting current studies and helping to prepare lectures. She has joined the team in february 2019.
She successfully completed her bachelor‘s degree in Media and Information in november 2018 at the University of Applied Sciences and is now studying Information, Media, Library to receive her master’s degree.

Former Student Assistants

Nico Lakiewicz

was responsible for analyzing as well as the evaluation of data provided by this project using the analytic platform KNIME. As a student assistant he also was responsible for minor tasks.

Currently he is in the 6th semester of his library and information science studies and writing his bachelor theses.

You can find him on Linkedin and Xing.

Sven Konstantin

was an undergraduate student and has been working as a student assistant since the first semester. After Sebastian Sünkler, he was the responsible person for the website He also took care of the course materials for the University’s online learning platform, as well as general office duties. Recently he had also been responsible for the creation of Information Retrieval explainer videos.
Sven Konstatin is currently the founder of
You can find him on Linkedin.

Tobias Splett

was also responsible to create explainer videos for Information Retrival topics. As of this Semester, the explainer video Project was part of the Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU). The project focused on making course material available for the general public.

Alexandra Linhart

In her two and a half years as student assistant Alexandra supported the
team in multiple projects with preparation of data for analysis and
research for different subjects. She also prepared a state-of-the-art
report on automatic topic identification in digital documents for a
research project application. Additionally she helped to organize the
SUMA-Congress and contributed to the website She left
the team in 2016, when she graduated as M.A. in Information, Media and
Library studies.

Markus Günther

Markus Günther joined the team in 2015 when he was a master’s student. His main job was to support an application for third party funds for a research project concerning news aggregators. That meant the research and identification of relevant literature, the processing and structuring of already existing approaches regarding the topic, and the creation of a temporary project plan. Markus graduated in the same year.
Markus Günther is now dealing with Publication and Information Management at the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter.

Emmy Le

Emmy Le

In her short period at the Hamburg University of Applied Science and as a part of the team, Emmy Le’s work has concentrated on the Relevance Asessment Tool (RAT). Her task is to create a new outline for an intuitive user interface.
In september 2015 she moved to Hamburg after finishing her basic study in Media Education and Literacy – Audiovisual Culture and Communication at the Faculty of Human Science at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg.
Emmy Le is currently working as Junior Product Manger E-Commerce Search at Otto(GmbH & Co KG).
You can find her on Linkedin.

Jenny Krieger

Jenny Krieger startet as student assistant in 2014 and was instrumental in helping to create the Searchlab. She was also responsible for the organization of events like the SUMA-Kongress and SWIF-Workshop. That is among all the other office related tasks, where she helped create processes still in place today.