RAT Community Meeting 2023

RAT Community Meeting 2023

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg, Germany
8 Sep 2023

The first RAT Community Meeting brought together researchers interested in using search engine data in their research.

Some highlights from the program were:

  • Showcases: Gain insights into how esteemed researchers leverage RAT to study a diverse range of topics, such as climate change, misinformation, health, and many more.
  • Tutorials: Learn how to utilize this powerful tool effectively in your research endeavours, from data collection to in-depth analysis. Enhance your skills and unlock the potential of RAT.
  • Poster Session: See how RAT has been used in various research projects and how the functionality of RAT has been extended through add-ons.


Dirk Lewandowski
University of Duisburg-Essen, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Poster Session

From Media

Kristofer Söderström at the RAT Community Meeting, Hamburg, 2023
Olof Sundin at the RAT Community Meeting, Hamburg, 2023
Helena Häußler and Tuhina Kumar at the RAT Community Meeting, Hamburg, 2023